Bronz Clay Adventure
  • Bronz Clay Adventure
  • Bronz Clay Adventure
  • Bronz Clay Adventure
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Learn the basics of making bronze pieces with a new innovative product called Fast Fire Bronze  Clay.  BRONZclay is a non-toxic metal clay product used by jewelry artists and craftspeople to create one-of-a kind and small run jewelry, models, prototypes, sculpture and decorative items.
Spend three hours making your pieces, leave them to dry and be fired, and come back the next day to pick up your pieces which you will finish at home.
$15 of the $90 fee goes to the price of the Bronze clay and firing fee. WE NEED ONE WEEK NOTICE TO ORDER SUPPLIES. ALLERGY note: lovely shop cat Theo will be on the premises unless you notify ahead of time. Make sure to read the cancellation policy.

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