Facial Detox Soap
  • Facial Detox Soap
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"Our Facial Detox Bar is loved by many. I like to use this bar as a body bar as well. Perfect for a oilier skin type. Facial Detox cleansing soap contains our special blend of coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and locally grown camelina oil. We have added activated activated charcoal for it's amazing cleansing ability. Charcoal is know for it's ability to attract and eliminate toxins from the skin. We combined this with Shea butter and US produced jojoba oil for it's moisturizing ability. This bar is gently scented with grapefruit essential oil. As added fun we have added chunks of our Smooth Silk Facial Bar for it's white contrast in this charcoal bar. This listing is for one 5.5 ounce soap cold processed soap. Handcrafted, cold processed soaps like to dry between uses to prolong shelf life so make sure your bar drains well. Standing water is never a good thing for our natural soaps"

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