Forest Fir Candle
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Our Travel Forest Fir Soy Candle has been scented with Doug Fir essential oils for it's natural ability to bring the forest into your home. Perfect for the holiday season or anytime of year.

Our Soy wax along with our essential oil has been sourced from the U.S. We love our aromatherapy candles because they are clean burning and free of harsh synthetic fragrances. Many of the candles on the market today have toxic synthetic fragrances add for their strong scent but these fragrance oils are too harsh for a natural home. This is why we have chosen to scent our candles with essential oils only.

Our Forest Fir soy candle is a warm scent for the winter months. burn them. These 4oz. candles have a long burn time of 20-25hrs For max burn time be sure to burn your candle to the edge so that it does not pool down the center. I love these tin candles for traveling to the cabin to rid it of that stale air scent. To keep the scent strong please replace the cap between burns.

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