Tea Season is Coming- Do you wish you knew more about it?

The cooler temperatures make a lot of us wish for warm beverages.  Craft Foundry is proud to sell organic tea produced by Rishi.
As they put it: " Our award-winning teas come from our passion for research and development and our obsession to continually produce new teas each year.
We are partners with the growers and artisans who produce our teas and herbs.  Long-term, fair and direct trade in the tea-growing communities affords us unprecedented cooperation with organic tea farmers to research, develop and improve artisan-processing techniques".
Visit Craft Foundry to get to know some new varietals, learn about black v. green tea v. white tea and what on earth Rooibos tea is; smell the teas and make a purchase that will keep you warm in the cold season.  Alternately,  if you are unable to visit us, read the tea description in our online store for organic teas to make the right decision on your purchase.

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