Paste Papers and How You can Make Your Own

What are they?  Bookbinding has included the practice of embellishing books with decorative end papers called paste papers. Paste papers have been used in bookbinding for 400 years. The first paste papers were decorated by using colored rice paste. These early papers were used in Germany, France, and Italy. The people best known for their paste paper were the Moravians from Hernnhut, East Saxony, in Germany. The early paste papers were monochromatic and the two most common colors were burnt sienna and indigo blue.  This was a way to embellish a book before printing was easily available.

Paste papers were also very popular during the 18th and early 19th century. They were first used in North America in the 1750’s, and bookbinders today still use paste papers to embellish books, and make other kinds of fun cards, or wrapping papers. Paste papers have also become popular as a way to illustrate books.

Craft Foundry offers a class in this ancient method of painting.  You will be able to express yourself in this relaxed and fun class.
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